Update Rollup 6 pour System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager

Posted by Rémy BOVI

Vous pouvez télécharger la dernière version de l'UR 6 pour SCSM :

Voici la liste des corrections apportées :

  • An MPSync jobs stops responding (hangs) after you import a new version of a management pack for System Center.
  • The Active Directory connector group expansion workflow runs even if the corresponding connector is disabled.
  • During execution of the Active Directory connector, the console may experience a significant decrease in performance because the Active Directory connector performs a full sync after every domain controller failover.
  • Active Directory connector sync fetches the same tombstone objects multiple times. This slows down the sync if the deployment has lots of deleted objects.
  • If you use the extended screen to open forms, the SM console continues to try to open the form window in the extended display, even if the form no longer exists.
  • Service Request and Problem management forms do not save the data changes that are made after you update the form.
  • The Active Directory connector sync generates many warning events that specify Event ID 3305.
  • If you delete a System Center Configuration Manager connector, the console hangs until all the associated configuration items are deleted.
  • Additions are missed when the Configuration Manager database is hosted on a SQL Server Always On availability group and is successfully failed over to another node.
  • The console crashes if lots of data or an image is pasted to the documentation tab of the release request.
  • Groups & Users cannot be added to a user role from a domain that is two-way selective authenticated trust with the SM Management Server’s Domain.
  • When the number of user CIs is large, the Global Operators Group takes a long time to return. This spikes the usage of memory and CPU in the SDK process.
  • EMG and TypeSpace Cache calls are slow and makes the CPU spike when there are lots of enumerations in the Management Group.
  • An exception occurs when you click an entity of a service on the Service Component tab.
  • After you install Update Rollup 5 or Update Rollup 4, an exception occurs if you create a request offering with Cireson SMA Connector.
  • A data type conversion error occurs after you install Update Rollup 5.